Costa Rei and Surroundings


When one speaks of Costa Rei, one’s mind immediately travels to the coastline scented with sea lily and saltiness, to the long beaches of fine sand, interspersed with palm trees and Mediterranean vegetation, offering a splendid natural setting, made up of still wild and unspoilt views. In the past, this area was marshy and malaria-ridden; it was only in the 19th century, with the forced land reclamation action of the Castiadas convicts, that it was possible to give the territory its current appearance, which was therefore renamed ‘Costa dei Rei’, evolving over time into ‘Costa Rei’.

Mostly populated in the summer, it is a favourite destination for many tourists every year, who choose it above all for its clear waters and succession of picturesque inlets with gently sloping seabeds, perfect for enjoying the sea in total relaxation and serenity. Among the most renowned beaches, the quiet beach of Colostrai, the volcanic beach of Feraxi, the beach of Piscina Rei, which starts at Capo Ferrato and stretches as far as Scoglio di Peppino, deserve a special mention, from north to south, without forgetting the more southerly Cala Sinzias and Cala Pira, in the quiet municipality of Castiadas.


Scoglio di Peppino (Costa Rei)


The perfect place to swear eternal love

Situated on the border between Muravera and Castiadas, close to the southernmost part of Santa Giusta beach, the imposing Peppino rock, with its peculiar turtle shape, is one of the most popular places for snorkelling enthusiasts, who can set off from here to explore the seabed, and for young couples, who reach it to exchange love vows, as in the legend. In fact, it is said that the daughter of an old fisherman, gruff and violent, in order to escape from the wrath of her father, arranged a meeting on the rock with her lover, a young man named Peppino, to swear eternal love and run away with him. According to legend, no one has seen them since that day but, even today, on full moon nights it is possible to hear the song of the two eternal lovers.

3,7km | 7 minutes by car


Lighthouse Capo Ferrato


A solitary place to admire the panorama in total tranquillity

By means of an easy trekking route through the typical Sardinian Mediterranean landscape, enriched by sheepfolds, domus de Janas and the remains of ancient nuraghi, it is possible to ascend along the Capo Ferrato promontory until reaching its summit, where the panoramic lighthouse of the same name stands out. This white building, dating back to 1925, stands out amidst the lush vegetation and is now managed by a private individual who stays there for long periods of time and also takes care of its maintenance. With a breathtaking view of the entire area, from the Ferraxi beach in the north to the island of Serpentara in the south, here it is possible to immerse oneself completely in silence, interrupted only by the sound of the waves and the song of the cicadas, and enjoy the powerful energy emanating from nature.

9,5km | 17 minutes by car


Cala Pira


A rose-coloured bay you will never forget

White sand mixed with tiny pinkish coral fragments, turquoise waters with emerald-green hues and soft dunes covered with centuries-old junipers that give it a wild appearance. These are the distinctive features of the fascinating beach of Cala Pira, defined by many as the most beautiful beach of Costa Rei, located in the territory of Castiadas, halfway between Villasimius and Costa Rei. What makes this corner of paradise even more evocative is a well-preserved Spanish watchtower, built in 1639 completely in granite, perched on the promontory that protects the beach from the north winds and from which it is possible to admire a picture-postcard panorama, with views of the Island of Serpentara and the Tower of San Luigi in the background.

11km | 15 minutes by car


Feraxy Beach


A dream beach located between sea and lagoon

Feraxi beach, about 3 kilometres long, is a bay of bronze-coloured sand, bordered to the north by the mouth of the Feraxi pond and to the south by the rocky coastline of the Capo Ferrato promontory. An ideal destination for those who wish to enjoy relaxation, recreation and fun, this beach is particularly rich in services and opportunities. Here, families with children can swim in total safety thanks to the particularly shallow and limpid seabed or ride a pedalo, while the more daring can go kitesurfing, windsurfing or sport fishing, renting equipment from the kiosks on the beach. Behind the lido is the Feraxi pond, which, with its colours and numerous species of birdlife, provides a dreamlike setting, especially at sunset.

12km | 20 minutes by car


Swimming Pool Villasimius


A paradise for lovers of coasteering and Caribbean landscapes

The coast of Villasimius, one of the most spectacular and famous of all Sardinia, stretches for about forty kilometres within the protected marine park of Capo Carbonara and is characterised by the presence of countless small coves and delightful white sandy beaches, known as the ‘Villasimius Natural Pools’ because lapped by such clear waters and shallow waters, it feels like diving into a swimming pool with a Caribbean atmosphere. This stretch of coastline, which is particularly suitable for families with children and those who are not familiar with swimming, is also the ideal meda for those who wish to try their hand, even for the first time, at adventurous coasteering routes, a kind of sea trekking on the reef, amid unspoilt nature, extraordinary colours and the ever-present soundtrack of the sea.

20km | 22 minutes by car


Colostrai Pond


One of the most suggestive avifaunal oases

The pond of Colostrai, connected to the nearby pond of Feraxi, lies in the San Priamo plain, just behind the most isolated and hidden part of the beach of the same name, amid bronze-coloured sand and brightly coloured nature. In this suggestive, protected setting
extending over more than one hundred and twenty hectares, close to some historical points of interest such as the Sanctuary of San Priamo, are home to several herons, hawks, ducks, kingfishers and the majestic and fascinating pink flamingos. At certain times, the luckiest birdwatchers can also witness the spectacular flight of the white storks and take a few photos from one of the many vantage points surrounding the area, offering a 360° view of the area.

27km | 26 minutes by car